The Scope of Women’ March.

Someone posted a photo on Reddit depicting two women holding signs. One sign had the word “Not Saints, Not Whores, Just Women” written in Arabic and its English translation underneath. The other women held a sign that explained “We added English so you wouldn’t get scared”. Both women were happy.

One user commented that the phrase on the sign, when translated with unchanged syntax read “Saints Not, Whores Not, Women Just”, a mildly funny but otherwise harmless comment. Many others, however, commented something along the line of the following.

‘Women of middle eastern descent, those who speak and read Arabic, are being unintentionally ironic when they joke about cultural prejudice at a women’s rights march because the culture they come from oppresses women.’

Disregarding the actual evidence supporting the points of argument, the argument will fall apart under its own structure. The failure occurs when the state of a culture (Islamic/Arabic) is assumed to depend entirely upon a certain aspect (Female Oppression). If this assumption were true then the act of promoting the whole would raise equivalent levels of the aspect, or collapse.

Aspects like this are not, however, immovable feature of these cultures, instead aspects grow out of cultures and are cut off at times. Western society experienced at times as bad oppression against all people as areas of the eastern world are going through now.

It’s could be that if a significant movement to normalize working relationships with these cultures occurred, a new interpretation of Islam would reject female oppression . This point can still be disputed and I know how much Reddit likes debate, someone bring this up next time.




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